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All in Search of Health Should Wear Dr. Scott's Electropathic Corsets and Belts.

(Partial transcription of advertisement for Dr. Scott's electropathic corsets and belts)

To Promote the Circulation, to Stimulate the Organic Action, to Renew Vital Energy, and Assist Digestion.

Universally approved by the leading physicians as the Best, Safest, and Most Effectual Remedy for Spinal Complaints, Incipient Consumption, Diarrhea, Pleurisy, Tumors, Asthma, Bronchitis, Epilepsy, Lumbago, Debility, Dropsy, Paralysis, Loss of Voice, Hysteria, Coetaneous Diseases, Nervousness, Indigestion, Palpitation, etc., and has cured some of the Most Obstinate and Distressing Cases, after all other remedies (so-called) have failed.

From C.W. Hornish, Peoria, Ill.

Dr. Scott: I have spent several hundred dollars in the city of Peoria, doctoring for kidney, liver and nervous disease during twelve years, but have received no permanent benefit. I have since worn one of Dr. Scott's Electric Belts, and am entirely cured. I have also found great relief from neuralgia in the use of his Hair Brush.

From: Mrs. Abbie Monroe, London, Ontario.

Dr. Scott: I have suffered for years; tried eminent physicians without benefit; yet your Electric Corset has quickly restored me to good health. I cannot praise them too highly and will never wear any other. I would not part with mine for $50.

These belts and corsets are constructed on scientific principles, generating an exhilarating, health giving current to the whole system. Their therapeutic value is unquestioned, and they quickly cure in a marvelous manner, Nervous Debility, Spinal Difficulties, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Numbness, Dyspepsia, Liver and Kidney troubles, Impaired Circulation, Constipation, and all other diseases peculiar to mankind; they also become, when constantly worn, equalizing agents in all cases of extreme fatness or leanness, by imparting to the system the required amount of "odic force" which Nature's law demands.

Scientists are daily making known to the world the indisputably beneficial effects of Electro-Magnetism, when properly and scientifically applied to the human body in this manner; and it is also affirmed by professional men that there is hardly a disease which Electricity and Magnetism will not benefit or cure, and all medial men daily practice the same. Ask your own physician!

Dr. W. A. Hammond, of New York, late Surgeon-General of the U.S., an eminent authority publishes almost miraculous cures coming under his notice. Always doing good, never harm, there is no shock or sensation felt in wearing them. Those enjoying good health should also wear them, as they prevent as well as cure disease. The ordinary Electric Battery, when resorted to in similar cases to those above mentioned, is often too powerful and exciting, doing good during the operation, but leaving the patient more exhausted and weakened than before; whereas, by daily (and nightly, too, if desired) wearing our Electric Corset or Belt, a gentle and exhilarating influence is lastingly and agreeably perceptible, quickly accomplishing that good for which they are worn. They will never harm even in the most sensitive cases.



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