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Formica Corporation

The Formica Insulating Company was founded in Cincinnati, OH, on March 2, 1913, by Herbert A. Faber and Daniel J. O'Conor. Initially, the company made insulation parts for motors, but in 1927, it was granted a patent for the production of decorative laminates. Fueled in part by the post-World War II building boom and society's growing decorative needs, Formica became the leading producer of decorative laminates in the 1950s-60s. Over the next 30 years, Formica Corporation expanded its product line to serve the needs of interior designers and artists with the introduction of solid surfacing material.


Advertisement for Formica, 1955

(Partial transcription of advertisement)

"He says I'm 'Picture Pretty' in my Formica Kitchen, but Bob is the one who was framed."

Bob was strictly lukewarm on the idea of modernizing my kitchen with Formica. He kept putting me off until I had to fall back on every woman's best weapon--psychology.

Certain colors bring out the best features in a gal and others do less than nothing for her. I learned long ago I should stay away from blue.

I practically dragged Bob into a show room kitchen with the bluest Formica counter tops you ever saw, "This is it," said I.

"You must be out of your mind," he exploded; "you know darn well any setting we put you in has got to be green or red."

Before he knew what hit him he had "sold me" on the green Formica I picked out months ago.

In the wide range of Formica high style colors and exciting wood grains are the ones nature intended as the perfect background for making you look your glamorous best. You can see these colors and get help with your kitchen planning if you'll look in your classified phone book under plastics for the name of a Formica fabricator near you.


This mark certifies genuine Beauty Bonded Formica


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