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Sterling Magic Co. Catalogue, Page 41


YES-You cause a full size glass tumbler of water that is covered with a fancy cloth to cling to finger tips, then float into space, rise, lower, float thru a hoop and what not. Defies all laws of gravitation. NOW-with glass floating in mid-air the performer cries "WATCH"-and flips the cloth high into the air and the glass and water vanish completely. A startling climax, a GREAT TRICK. No body work or table or chair get-a-ways. No assistant, work it alone. Complete outfit is made right. Covering cloth is the right design, nice material and adds beauty to the effect. The new clever get-away will be appreciated by all magicians. Complete, postpaid $3.00

No. 224 MILK IN HAT (Fred Shadley)

Magician borrows a hat and deliberately pours milk, water or any liquid in the hat, then places a glass tumbler down in hat, immediately lifts it out and there's all the milk in the glass, not a drop remains in that hat that is immediately returned? OR you can pour the milk right back in the hat, replace glass and milk is back in glass, REPEAT THIS AS MANY TIMES AS DESIRED. A Wonderful Repeat Trick.

The Do's and Don'ts

You DOOD it surrounded and you DON'T have to be near any tables, chairs or servants or the like.

You DOOD it in such a manner there is no doubt in anyone's mind but what you did DOOD it.

The same milk poured in the hat is the same milk that gets back into the glass. No extra milk used and no body work, nothing to cover up or conceal at any time.

This is a trick you will DO the minute you get it and a trick you DON'T have to worry over. Nothing to prepare, always ready to work, nothing to go wrong. Use any liquid, milk is merely used to illustrate effect. Postpaid $1.50




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