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Cher Ami

Cher Ami was a registered Black Check Cock carrier pigeon, one of the birds owned and flown by the U.S. Army Signal Corps in France during World War I. In addition to the French "Croix de Guerre" Medal awarded for his heroic service, Cher Ami was inducted into the Racing Pigeon Hall of Fame in 1931 and received a gold medal from the Organized Bodies of American Pigeon Fanciers in recognition of his extraordinary service during World War I. To American schoolchildren of the 1920s and '30s, Cher Ami was as well known as human World War I heroes like Sgt. Alvin York and Eddie Rickenbacker. Pigeon units were part of the Army communication system until 1957, when they were disbanded. In that year, more than 1,000 birds were sold to fanciers.


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One of 600 birds donated by the pigeon fanciers of Great Britain for use in France during the World War. Trained by American pigeoneers and flown from American lofts, 1917-18. "Cher Ami" returned to his loft with a message dangling from the ligaments of a leg cut off by rifle or shell shot. He was also shot through the breast and died from the effects of this wound June 13, 1919.



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