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Objects on Public Display

Updated 8/1/2001

First Floor
Second Floor 
Third Floor
Museum Map

First Floor

Center: Material World

Bridge Cable Sample

East Wing: Agriculture

Lummus Cotton Gin
Rumely 20-40 Oil Pull Tractor

East Wing: American Maritime Enterprise

Sailors' Scrimshaw
Model of the SS Manhattan
Tobacco Ship Brilliant

East Wing: On Time

Tower Clock Movement
Michelson Mirror Apparatus
Pencil Drawing, Mickey Mouse

East Wing: Power Machinery

Carrier Four-Stage Centrifugal Compressor

East Wing: Railroads

John Bull Steam Locomotive
Steam Locomotive 1401

East Wing: Road Transportation

"Dave's Dream" Lowrider
Packard Cable Special
Nineteenth-Century Farm Wagon
Columbia High-wheel Bicycle

West Wing: Information Age

The MITS Altair 8800 Computer
The Apple Macintosh
Bell's "Box" Telephone
Morse Telegraph Key
Xerox Alto CPU
The PDP-8
The "Trash-80" Personal Computer 
The ENIAC Computer
Hollerith Tabulating System
Electric Super Code Machine
The Edison Electric Pen

West Wing: NIH Biomedical Sciences Case

The Jarvik-7

West Wing: Science in American Life

Phrenology Head
Chemistry Set
World War I Intelligence Test
Nose Cone of a Pigeon-Guided Missile


Second Floor 

East Wing: After the Revolution

Bible Quilt
Pewter Tankard
Mariner’s Chest
John Deere Plow
Transit and Equal Altitude Instrument
Census Pitcher
Air Pump
Ramsden Dividing Engine

East Wing: Ceremonial Court

Earthenware Figure Group
Tiffany Vase
Vase (Clara Chipman Newton)
Early Nineteenth-Century Cooler
Eighteenth-Century Glassware
Jacqueline Kennedy, Inaugural Gown
Pat Nixon, Inaugural Gown

East Wing: First Ladies

Frances Cleveland, Wedding Dress
Mary Harrison McKee, Inaugural Gown
Lucretia Garfield, Inaugural Gown

West Wing: American Encounters

Native American Seed Pot
New Mexico Sculpture
Native American Water Jar
Decorative Straw-Inlay Cross

West Wing: Communities in a Changing Nation

African American Fanner Basket
Dobson Mill Factory Gates

West Wing: Field to Factory

Segregation Signs

West Wing: Hallway

Mormon "Sunstone" Sculpture

West Wing: Star-Spangled Banner

Star-Spangled Banner

West Wing: Within These Walls...

Wedgwood Slave Medallion


Third Floor

Center: Money and Medals

Pine Tree Shilling
The Saint-Gaudens $20 Coin
The 1804 U.S. Dollar
The Brasher Doubloon
Confederate $100-Note
The Indian Peace Medal

East Wing: A More Perfect Union

Roofed Japanese Lantern

East Wing: Armed Forces History

The Gunboat "Philadelphia"
"Cher Ami," WW I Carrier Pigeon
George Washington's Camp Chest
"Winchester," Gen. Sheridan's Horse
George Washington's Tent

East Wing: The American Presidency

Mamie Eisenhower, Inaugural Gown
Cast of Lincoln's Hand
John Quincy Adams's Ivory Cane
British Gold Sovereign
Framed Display of Presidential Hair
Internet Camera
Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat
George Washington's Uniform
Declaration of Independence Desk
Lewis and Clark Compass
Abraham Lincoln's Life Mask

West Wing: Ceramics

Nineteenth-Century Teapot
Two-Handed Bowl and Cover

West Wing: Popular Culture

Chris Evert's Tennis Racket
Dizzy Gillespie's Trumpet
Baseball Autographed by Babe Ruth
Muhammad Ali's Gloves and Robe

West Wing: Printing and Graphic Arts

Franklin Press
Mergenthaler's Linotype
Sheet from the Gutenberg Bible
Rubel Offset Lithographic Press

West Wing: Textiles

Howe's Sewing Machine Patent Model



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