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A wide range of new analgesics were developed in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

St. Joseph Genuine Pure Aspirin
early 1940s

"As pure as money can buy"
The German chemical company Bayer first trademarked the word "Aspirin" for its new pain reliever--acetylsalicylic acid--in 1899. However, the term slipped into common use, and in a 1920 trademark trial Bayer lost its exclusive use of the term "Aspirin" in the United States. This opened the way for many American competitors to market their own aspirins. St. Joseph Aspirin was manufactured by Plough, Inc. of New York and Memphis, and this particular package dates to WWII. The term "Victory Package" printed on the front of the box referred to packaging that used no metal-- thus contributing to the war effort. To save metal, a paper-capped glass vial replaced the usual metal screw-capped bottle.

Aspirin has been widely prescribed for aches and pains since the late 1800s.
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