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Carrier Four-Stage Centrifugal Compressor

Conditioning the air in the 1920s
Willis Haviland Carrier was one of the first people to recognize that air conditioning was not just chilled air but the result of a careful balance among temperature, humidity, supply and exhaust, air cleanliness, and air movement. He devised a mechanical air-conditioning system to regulate simultaneously each of these components. One of the critical elements in the system was this centrifugal compressor, which Carrier began manufacturing in 1922. Two years later, the Carrier company installed centrifugal refrigeration machines in a department store in Detroit and a theater in Dallas, thereby introducing the phrase "air conditioning" into the public vocabulary.

Willis Haviland Carrier-- born November 26, 1876, Angola, NY; died October 7, 1950, New York, NY
Carrier's first production unit
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