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The avant-garde styling of the Tucker automobile is evident in this side view.

The Tucker's sculptural beauty reflected trends in car design after World War II.

Tucker Automobile

"The car of the future"
In 1948, when it was built, the Tucker automobile did look like the car of the future. Its 166-horsepower, six-cylinder engine was mounted in the rear. It had a pop-out windshield, pop-up tail lights, and a center headlight that turned with the steering wheel. It had padded disc brakes, independent four-wheel suspension, and an area where the front passenger could crouch in the event of a collision. Despite engineer Preston Tucker's intentions of mass-producing "the car of the future," the Tucker never entered full production. A federal investigation into the company's management practices led to its collapse. Only 51 of these sedans were ever built--of which this one is the 39th.

Top speed, 120 mph
Odometer reading, 11,721 miles
Preston Tucker (1903-1956)
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