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Charles K. Harris Sheet Music

"After the Ball"
Known as the granddaddy of all smash hits, "After the Ball" was featured in the New York stage production of "A Trip To Chinatown" at Madison Square Theater for seven weeks, beginning February 12, 1894. It tells the story of a young woman whose sweetheart sees her kissing another man at a dance. Resisting the woman's explanations, the devastated suitor spurns her yet never marries. Years later, he learns that she was kissing her brother. When a music shop in Boston placed an order for 75,000 copies of the sheet music, composer and publisher Charles K. Harris had every available printing press in his hometown of Milwaukee working to meet the demand. Within a couple of years, Harris had sold five million copies. He would later claim that "After the Ball" had earned him $10 million.

Charles K. Harris was a co-founder of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
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