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Family Account Book

How Lucretia Deming looked after the pennies
These pages are from the household account book maintained by Lucretia Deming for the "Lindens," the Litchfield, CT mansion where she lived from 1804 to 1887. The never-to-marry Deming also kept a house in New York City from 1883 through 1887. A graduate of Miss Pierce's famous School for Young Ladies, Deming scrupulously recorded daily expenses at the Lindens during the last years of her life. Entries include expenditures on such items as pears (March 24, 1887--20 cents), grapes (April 4--35 cents), milk (April 11--$5), nuts (April 7--$1), and raisins (April 7--$1). There are entries for the wages of servants as well as summary records of each servant's wages by month and year. There are even entries for pew rent paid to the Litchfield Congregational Church. Lucretia Deming made her last entry--$120.05 for the payment of the Lindens' property taxes--on April 27, 1887. Two days later she died.

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