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Sales Catalog, Kitchen Fixtures

"Much depends upon correct placement of furniture and fixtures"
So claims this sales catalog published by the aptly named G.I. Sellers & Sons Co. of Elwood, Indiana. By properly arranging stove, sink, kitchen cabinet, table, refrigerator, and utility closets, "you will be amazed at the saving of steps and the speeding-up of routine." The catalog goes on to provide specific recommendations about placement: "The stove, cabinet and sink should preferably form a triangle with just about room enough to permit free movement between them. By correct grouping of major units, the lifting and carrying of dishes and utensils are reduced to a minimum."

Catalog dimensions, 15-7/8" x 10"
Web display only

Learn more!
· G.I. Sellers & Sons Co., Catalogue pages 6-7
· Archives Center finding aid Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, ca. 1724-1977
· "You Are What You Buy" by Richard & Joyce Wolkomir, "Smithsonian" magazine, October 2000

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