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Advertising Pamphlet, Eskay's Food

"Eskay's Food babies develop into sturdy children"
"How to Care for the Baby," released by Smith, Kline & French Co. of Philadelphia, features scientific advice, photographs, and customer testimonials about the benefits of Eskay's albumenized food. "Your food is the best I have found upon the market," enthuses Dr. Dean S. Brown of Erie, Pennsylvania, whose son--raised on Eskay's --appears in the pictures above. "I tried several other foods, but they all failed. Yours is not only beneficial to healthy children, but is well borne in sickness and easily digested. I can highly recommend it to anyone in need of food, for it is certainly a Godsend to many a little one."

Pamphlet dimensions, 3" x 7-7/8"
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· Pamphlet excerpt
· Archives Center finding aid Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, ca. 1724-1977, Series: Children
· "You Are What You Buy" by Richard & Joyce Wolkomir, "Smithsonian" magazine, October 2000

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