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Magic Catalog

"More wonderful than Aladdin's lamp"
So claims the Sterling Magic Co. of Detroit, Michigan, about the selection of children's magic tricks featured in its 1945 catalog. "Yes," declares the ad for trick No. 223, Floating-Vanishing Glass ($3.00 postpaid): "You cause a full size glass tumbler of water that is covered with a fancy cloth to cling to finger tips, then float into space, rise, lower, float thru a hoop and what not. Defies all laws of gravitation. Now--with glass floating in mid-air the performer cries 'WATCH'--and flips the cloth high into the air and the glass and the water vanish completely. A startling climax, a GREAT TRICK." To dispel any illusions about the nature of such feats, Sterling inserted the following caveat: "None of the tricks in this catalog are in any way associated with the supernatural. This is a catalog of magical effects for magicians and for entertainment purposes only. They are all practical tricks."

9-1/8" x 11-1/2"
80 pages
Web display only

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· Sterling Magic Co. Catalogue, Page 41
· Archives Center finding aid Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, ca. 1724-1977, Series: Magic
· "You Are What You Buy" by Richard & Joyce Wolkomir, "Smithsonian" magazine, October 2000

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