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Jacqueline Kennedy, Inaugural Gown

First Lady 1961 to 1963
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy wore this gown to the inaugural ball in 1961. It is an off-white sleeveless gown of silk chiffon over peau d'ange; under the floor-length cape is a strapless bodice encrusted with brilliants and embroidered with silver thread. "Jackie," as she was known, used the White House to showcase American arts and culture. Her stylish wardrobe and elegant refurbishment of the White House brought a new kind of glamour to the presidency. She possessed considerable artistic talent in her own right--and designed this gown herself.

Made by Ethel Frankau of Bergdorf-Goodman, New York, NY, 1961
Gift of Jacqueline Kennedy, 1962
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, born July 28, 1929, Southampton, NY; died May 19, 1994, New York, NY

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