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1886 wedding portrait of Frances Folsom Cleveland

Frances Cleveland, Wedding Dress

First Lady 1885 to 1889, 1893 to 1897
Twenty-one-year-old Frances Folsom Cleveland became a symbol of romance to the American public when she married Grover Cleveland in the White House on June 2, 1886. As the next day's Washington Post reported, "The bride wore an enchanting white dress of ivory satin, simply garnished on the high corsage with India muslin crossed in Grecian folds and carried in exquisite falls of simplicity over the petticoat. The orange blossom garniture, commencing upon the veil in a superb coronet, is continued throughout the costume with artistic skill. She carried no flowers and wore no jewelry except an engagement ring, containing a sapphire and two diamonds." Frances Cleveland wore her wedding gown again at a state reception on June 15 and a public reception on June 18. She had the gown altered to an evening gown style for these occasions. The gown was altered again for a portrait sitting on June 29.

Gift of the heirs under the estates of Richard F. and Jessie B. Cleveland, 1979
Frances Folsom Cleveland (1864-1947)

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