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John James Audubon (1785-1851)

Audubon [W]Hooping Crane Print

Grus americana--America's tallest bird
Robert Havell, Jr. a London engraver, produced most of the plates for John James Audubon's "The Birds of America." Audubon went to Britain to find sponsors and printers to help produce this masterpiece of natural history illustration. This engraving shows the whooping crane (Grus americana) standing at five feet--the tallest American bird and one of the world's rarest. To show the bird at life size, Audubon drew the crane bent over in a feeding position. Issued before the engraver corrected the spelling of "Whooping," this early impression projects the majesty and drama of Audubon's artistic achievements.

38" high x 25-3/4" wide
Audubon, John James, born April 26, 1785, Les Cayes, Saint-Domingue, West Indies [now Haiti]; died January 27, 1851, New York, NY
Robert Havell, Jr., born November 25, 1793, Reading, Berkshire, England; died November 11, 1878, Tarrytown, NY
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