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Mathew Brady's Custer

Photographer to the stars
This five-by-seven-inch glass plate negative of Civil War hero General George Armstrong Custer is just one of the many portraits of famous Americans taken by Mathew Brady in the 1860s. This particular star was about to set, however. In 1876 he led his men to death at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, one of the most controversial battles in United States history.

One of about 50 Brady five-by-seven-inch glass plate negatives received by the Smithsonian from the GAF Corporation in 1973. They had been found some years before in an attic in upstate New York.
Mathew Brady, born about 1823, near Lake George, NY; died January 15, 1896, New York, NY
George Armstrong Custer, born December 5, 1839, New Rumley, OH; died June 25, 1876, Little Bighorn River, MT
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