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ERA Charm Bracelet
about 1972

Charm offensive for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
This charm bracelet belonged to Alice Paul, an activist who spent her life campaigning for women's rights. As leader of the National Women's Party, Paul first proposed an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the United States Constitution in 1923. An amendment guaranteeing equal rights for women came closest to passage a half a century later. In 1972, the Senate approved the ERA, and the amendment was submitted to the state legislatures for ratification. Approval by 38 states was required to ensure adoption of the amendment. Not enough states voted in favor. The charms on this bracelet represent the 11 of the 35 states that did.

Donated by the Alice Paul Centennial Foundation in 1987 to mark the 100th anniversary of Paul's birth
Alice Paul, born January 11, 1885, Moorestown, NJ; died July 9, 1977, Moorestown, NJ
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