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Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)

Susan B. Anthony's Cup and Saucer

"A crowning glory to everything"
Susan B. Anthony bought this China teacup and saucer, part of a set of six, for her mother with the first money she earned as a schoolteacher. For half a century, Anthony helped lead the American struggle for women's suffrage and economic independence. After the 19th amendment was sent to the states for ratification, the National American Woman Suffrage Association donated relics from Anthony's life to the Smithsonian. Upon learning that her Aunt Susan would be memorialized there, Lucy Anthony declared, "It will be a crowning glory to everything."

Susan B. Anthony, born February 15, 1820, Adams, MA; died March 13, 1906, Rochester, NY
Congress approved the 19th amendment in June 1919, the final state ratified the amendment in August, and the 19th amendment was proclaimed by the Secretary of State August 26, 1920
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