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Copp Family Quilt
about 1815

Pieced work quilt
This quilt was made by members of the Copp family of Stonington, CT. The more than 150 different pieces of copperplate-printed, block-printed, roller-printed, resist-dyed, woven-patterned, and plain fabrics of cotton, linen, and silk range in date over about a 40 year period. They provide a catalog of clothing and furnishing fabrics available in the late 1700s and early 1800s to the prosperous Copp family, some of whom were in the dry goods business. But while the array of fabrics is extravagant, economy is evident in the use of small, irregularly shaped scraps to compose many of the pattern pieces of the quilt. The lining of the quilt is pieced of mended linen and cotton fabrics that were probably sheets originally.

84" long x 81" wide
Pieces of fabric used to make this quilt were used earlier to later help create the "Green Copp Family Dress" (1798-1807), also found within this web program.
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