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For those who cannot use the Java "object map" which serves as the primary navigation tool for HistoryWired, we have provided a text-only index of all the featured objects. At the top of the page, a category menu will help you find the type of object you're interested in. Clicking the name of an object will bring up more information in a separate window.




Arts/Entertainment - Art

Abraham Lincoln's Life Mask  
"Art Curb Market" Print  
Artist's Studio Print  
Audubon Print
Baumann Color Print  
Brooklyn Bridge Print  
Cast of Lincoln's Hands  
Color Etching  
Currier & Ives Print  
Framed Display of Presidential Hair  
French Color Print  
Jean Charlot's "Malinche" Print  
Landscape Etching  
Mormon "Sunstone" Sculpture
New Mexico Sculpture  
Pencil Drawing, Mickey Mouse  
Penmanship Examination  
Puerto Rican Mask  
Sailors' Scrimshaw  
Silk Screen Calendar Print
Spencerian Penmanship
Yellowstone Print

Arts/Entertainment - Toys and Games

Bagatelle Patent Model  
Boy's Tool Chest  
Chemistry Set  
Haitian Toys  
Howdy Doody Puppet  
John Hancock's Baby Rattle  
Kermit the Frog Puppet
Performing Puppet
"Superman" Comic Book  
Toy Singer Sewing Machine

Arts/Entertainment - Music and Theater

African American Banjo
Barrel Organ
Benny Goodman's Clarinet
Billie Holiday
Bomba Drum
Buddy Rich's Drum Set
Dancing Cow Girls, The 
Dizzy Gillespie's Trumpet
Ella Fitzgerald on Vinyl
Harpsichord by Benoist Stehlin
Hollow-Back Violin
Horn Violin
Juke Box, Wurlitzer "Bubbler"
Prince's Electric Guitar
Puerto Rican Güiro
Stroh Violin
"White House Piano", The 



Business/Military - Agriculture

Allis-Chalmers Fuel-Cell Tractor
Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin  
John Deere Plow  
Lummus Cotton Gin  
Rumely 20-40 Oil Pull Tractor

Business/Military - Military

Bugle from the Wreck of the Maine
Buffalo Soldier, Field Equipment
"Cher Ami," WWI Carrier Pigeon
Civil War Paymaster's Chest
General Sheridan's Saddle  
George Washington's Sword
George Washington's Tent  
Indian Peace Medal, The  
Nose Cone, Pigeon-Guided Missile
Rawhide Shield (Early 1800s)
Rawhide Shield (Mid 1800s)
Roosevelt Medal
Star-Spangled Banner The  
"Stubby," WWI Canine Hero
Ulysses S. Grant's Vicksburg Medal
World War I Intelligence Test

Business/Military - Money

Brasher Doubloon, The
British Gold Sovereign
Cherokee Nation Bank Note
Confederate $100-Note
Continental Bank Note
1804 U.S. Dollar, The
$50 Union Pattern Gold Coin
$5 Gold Coin
1913 "V" Nickel
One-Shilling Bill
Pillar Dollar
Pine Tree Shilling
Ritty Model 1 Cash Register
Saint-Gaudens $20 Coin, The
Silver Center Cent  (1792 Pattern Cent)
$3,000 Bill

Business/Military - Timekeeping

Church Tower Clock, Cambridge, Mass.
Gold Nugget Watch and Chain
Pocket Watch
Pulsar Quartz Wristwatch
Swinging Doll Mantel Clock
Tall Case Clock Dial
Tower Clock Movement

Business/Military - Other

Adlai Stevenson's Briefcase
Anthracite Coal
Carrier Four-Stage Centrifugal Compressor
Dobson Mill Factory Gates
Edison Electric Pen, The 
Fleetwood Scroll Saw
Jewish Tailor's Tools
Letter of Praise for the Dental "Engine"
Man and Tusk, Ivoryton, Connecticut
Model  Paper Machine
Paper-Bag Machine Patent Model
President Grant's Pen
"Relic of the Patent Office Fire"
Roy Wilkins's Typewriter
Slater Spinning Frame
Slovenian Immigrant's Business Card
Sprayers from a Chinese Laundry




Boy's Sailor Suit
Captain Kangaroo's Jacket  
Chinese-American Woman's Dress
Custer's Buckskin Jacket
Diana Ross Dress
Dinner Dress from Maison Worth
Evening Gown
Flour-Sack Dress
Frances Cleveland, Wedding Dress
George Washington's Uniform
Girl's Dress
Green Dress  
Hell's Angels Vest
Jacqueline Kennedy, Inaugural Gown  
John Jay's Judicial Robe
Levi's Brown Duck Trousers  
Lucretia Garfield, Inaugural Gown
Mamie Eisenhower, Inaugural Gown
Man's Suit
Man's Waistcoat
Mary Harrison McKee's Inaugural Gown
Miss Bergdorf Evening Gown
Pair of Cowboy Hair Chaps  
Pat Nixon, Inaugural Gown  
Patsy Montana's Vest and Skirt
Playboy Bunny Outfit  
Scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz"  
Seminole-Miccosukee Jacket  
Short-Sleeved Sports Shirt
Silk Wedding Dress
Suit for Him, A Suit for Her, A
Western-Style Leather Jacket
Willie Nelson's Jacket

Clothing - Accessories

Abigail Adams's Necklace
Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat
Buckaroo's Hat
Campaign-Buttons Flag
Cane with Alligator Motif
Celia Cruz's Shoes
Convention Cheese-Head Hat
18th-Century Pockets on a String  
ERA Charm Bracelet
Iroquois Woman's Bag
J.R.'s Hat
John Quincy Adams's Ivory Cane
Lone Ranger's Mask
Mourning Brooch
Native American Moccasins
Painted Handkerchief
Paño Art
Pennant From the March on Washington
Protective Blue Bead
Puerto Rican Lace Collar
Puerto Rican Pava
Russian Chain-Mail Vest
Shirley Chisholm's Campaign Buttons
Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear, A
Used Chewing-Gum Container
Wedgwood Slave Medallion
Woman's Brooch
World War II Memorabilia
Zuni Jewelry



Apple Macintosh, The
Baldwin Calculating Engine
Electric Super Code Machine
ENIAC Computer, The
Geometric Model
Hollerith Tabulating System
Internet Camera
MITS Altair 8800 Computer, The
PDP-8, The
Ramsden's Dividing Engine
"Trash-80" Personal Computer, The
Xerox Alto CPU



Home - Ceramics and Glass

Beverage Cooler
Cameo Glass Vase
Celery Vase
Century Vase
Early Nineteenth-Century Cooler
Earthenware Figure Group
Eighteenth-Century Glassware
Face Vessels
Native American Seed Pot
Native American Water Jar
New England Redware
Nineteenth-Century Teapot
President McKinley's Cup and Saucer
Stoneware Jar
Susan B. Anthony's Cup and Saucer
Sweetmeat Dish
Tiffany Vase
Two-Handed Bowl and Cover
U.S. Census Pitcher

Home - Furnishings

Belter Sidechair, The
Declaration of Independence Desk
Declaration of Sentiments Table
Embroidered Doily
George Washington's Camp Chest
Mariner's Chest  
Parlor Gas Meter
Roofed Japanese Lantern
Table and Chairs of Lee and Grant
Tilt-Top Table
Upholstered Armchair
Windsor Chairs

Home - Textiles

Bible Quilt
Blue and White American Coverlet
Copp Family Quilt  
Embroidered Picture
Hester Posey Sampler
Howe's Sewing Machine Patent Model
Nineteenth-Century Quilt
Pocahontas Quilt
Puerto Rican Sampler
Rose of Sharon Quilt
Schoolgirl Needlework
Singer Sewing Machine
Solar System Quilt

Home - Other

African American Fanner Basket
Arabic Coffee Set
Bridal-Gift Doll
CARE Package
Clothespin Patent Models
Cooking Utensils
Decorative Straw-Inlay Cross
Hispanic Retablo
Mary Todd Lincoln's Silver Service
Model of a Victorian Home
Native American Household Shrine
Pewter Tankard
Puerto Rican Sculpture
Silver Reliquary Cross
Tenant Farm House



Ambrotype of "Smutty Bear"  
American Women Photographers
Augustus Washington Daguerreotype
Birdseye Floodlight Bulb  
Building the Empire State
California Shop, The
Copy of Daguerreotype by J.W. Draper
Cover of "Harper's Bazaar"
Daguerreotype of Boy and Girl
Daguerreotype of Daguerre, A
Eadweard Muybridge's Working Proofs
Evelyn Nesbit Platinum Print
Girl With Doll
Glass Negative of Warehouse Work
Grocery Store, Yuma, Arizona
Groucho Marx's Home Movies
Kodak Camera  
Lacrosse Game
Levi Hill "Hillotypes"
Mathew Brady's Custer
Max Roach, Drummer
Morse's Daguerreotype Equipment
Photographic Timing Device
Photonegative of Teddy Roosevelt
Portrait by William H. Towles
Portrait of Walt Whitman
Portrait of Zitkala-Sa
Pre-Inaugural Portraits of JFK
Ray McKinley
Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr.'s Camera
Ruth Ellington Boatwright
Saxophonist Dexter Gordon
Sun to Sun Singers, The
Technicolor Camera No. 1
Tom Howard's Ankle Camera
Trombone Player
Tupperware Party
Western Union's "Operating Room"
William Talbot Paper Negative
Wolcott Camera
World's Largest Suspension Bridge



Print/Communications - Advertising

Advertisement for Sugar  
Advertising Diamonds  
Advertising Pamphlet, Eskay's Food
Advertising Tobacco  
Afro-Sheen Blowout Creme Relaxer
Carousel Deer
Electric Adjustable Belt, The
Fabulous Formica in the Fifties
First Breck Girl, The  
Log Cabin
Magic Catalogue
Maidenform Bra Print Ad
Marlboro Man, The
Modeling Pyjamas and Jewelry
Nat the Bush Doctor  
Sales Catalog, Kitchen Fixtures  
Suffragette Badge
Two Angels, a Camera, and a Corset
Uncle Sam Advertising Card
Water Heater Ad  
Yiddish Shop Sign, New York City  

Print/Communications - Print

Brochure, The Drawing Teacher  
Building Survey
Carmelite Postcard
Charles Atlas
Charles K. Harris Sheet Music
Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales"
Civil War Valentine Card
Diary of a Civil Rights Activist
Dr. Mary Walker's Pocket Bible
English-Language Poster
Family Account Book
Fashion Plate
Franklin Press
George M. Cohan Sheet Music
Hoe Four-Cylinder Rotary Press
Irving Berlin Sheet Music
Letter from Washington Irving
Letter to Martin & Morris Music
Mergenthaler's Linotype
MLK and the Montgomery Story
Music Manuscript, Duke Ellington
Nineteenth-Century Church Hymnal
Pivotal Typecaster
Post-WWI Liberty Loan Poster
Racine Bells Yearbook
Rotary Perfecting Press
Rubel Offset Lithographic Press
Saturday Evening Post
Sheet from the Gutenberg Bible
Syrian-American Poster
Textbook for Arabic Speakers
Trick Card
Typefounding Materials
Western Union's Kiddiegram
Woodstock Music & Art Fair Poster  
World War I Enlistment Poster
World War I Liberty Loan Poster
World War I Motivational Poster
World War I Pamphlet
World War II Poster
WWII Pamphlet on the War Effort
WWII War Production Poster

Print/Communications - Other

Bell's "Box" Telephone
Berliner Gramophone
Campaign Lantern
FDR's Desk Microphone  
Hebrew Plaque
M*A*S*H Signpost
Morse Telegraph, The
Morse Telegraph Key
Phonograph-Record Cutting Lathe
Segregation Signs



Sciences - Medicine

Bifurcated Vaccination Needle
"Boy in the Bubble," The
Cannula and Trocar
Clyster Syringe
Coca-Cola Syrup Dispenser
CT Scanner
Dr. John Hooper's Female Pills
Eighteenth-Century Pharmacy
Jarvik-7, The 
Koch Tuberculin
Leech Jars
Neonatal Hospital Bracelet
One Minute Cough Cure
Papier-Mâché Man
Phrenology Head
Pocket Spittoon
Sewell's Erector Set Heart Pump
Shaker Digestive Cordial, The
St. Joseph Genuine Pure Aspirin
Thalidomide Bottle
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
Wyeth Rotary Tablet Press

Sciences - Scientific Apparatus

Air Pump
Bailey's Patent Steam Jack
Binocular Ophthalmoscope
Civil War-Era Nautical Compass
Land Measure Chain
Lewis and Clark Compass
Michelson Mirror Apparatus
Oldest Extant Surveyor's Transit
Reflecting Telescope
Roentgen's X-Ray Tube
Sextant by John Allan
Sextant by Stackpole & Brothers
Solar Compass
Spencer Microscope
Surveyor's Compass (1700s)
Surveyor's Compass (1800s)
Surveyor's Level
Surveyor's Vernier Compass
Thomas Edison's Light Bulb
Transit and Equal Altitude Telescope
Zenith Sector



Baseball Autographed by Babe Ruth
Brian Boitano's Ice Skates  
Chris Evert's Tennis Racket  
Curling Stone
Early In-line Skate  
Harlem Globetrotters Jersey
His and Hers Rodeo Costumes  
Kansas City Monarch's Memorabilia
Muhammad Ali's Gloves and Robe
Race-Car Crash Helmet
Roberto Clemente's Baseball Uniform
Satchell Paige Baseball Card
Soap Box Derby Car
Toots's Duckpin Bowling Ball



Transportation - Water

Boiler of the Indiana
Ceramics from Cleopatra's Barge
Commodore Perry's Mississippi
Flying Cloud Clipper Ship
Gill-netter Model
Gunboat Philadelphia, The  
Model of the SS Manhattan
Plans for the SS United States
Tobacco Ship Brilliant

Transportation - Land

Boiler of the Stourbridge Lion
Bridge Cable Sample
Caterpillar Diesel Engine No. 1
Collection of Automobile Emblems  
Columbia High-wheel Bicycle
"Dave's Dream" Lowrider
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
John Bull Steam Locomotive
Nineteenth-Century Farm Wagon
Packard Cable Special
Richard Petty's Stock Car
Steam Locomotive 1401
Tucker Automobile
Western Sidesaddle
"Winchester" Gen. Sheridan's Horse


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